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Home Repair Professionals in Jacksonville, FL
Pro’s Painting & Pressure Washing, LLC

We’re a team of wood repair, stucco repair, drywall repair, exterior and interior home painting with experts in their perspective field allowing for a prompt as well as professional manner consistently for each project. Our organizational and logistical ability is due to our project manager and founding member Erlin Cruzado.

With our teammates, we know none of this would be possible without our founder, Erlin Cruzado. Our project manager assures all Pro’s Painting & Pressure washing, LLC in Jacksonville, FL jobs are done right, on time, and finished in a professional cleanliness manner

Born in Peru Erlin, has been inspired by the American dream since he could remember which is why he moved to America from the age of 14, quickly learning the quality of craftsmanship and the importance of getting the job done right. Since 2008 he started his own window washing and painting business in Boston – years later he moved to Florida for his family quickly starting Pro’s Painting & Pressure Washing, LLC.


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